Monday, January 30, 2006

Found photography

Taking the 'found' image one step further, there's a certain delight and mystery surrounding found photographs. Often they are ripped up, and this adds an edge of both discard and new proportion. I bought a book of found photo booth photographs in the seventies, put together by Derek Jewell, which I'll post later. Since then I have collected any publications I can find with found photo collections. here's one from Buenos Aires:

The Starn Twins portray a sense of found image, with their scotch taped or scrunched photos. Bit pretentious when you think they are intentionally scrunching them to look old, as opposed to finding them in an alley, (more like the real thing), but their imagery is superb. Here's a rare one:


Blogger Alan N. said...

Here's some found photos of another sort; pictures of people found in and around the London Underground. Some of the people have been located but most seem anonymous. Picture Link

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