Sunday, February 09, 2014

A few strange but (likely) true facts:

I've verified a few of these simply because I didn't believe them. But some are straight from a link via Boing Boing.

--Both of your eyes have a pretty large blind spot.Your brain is just super clever and fills it in with whatever it thinks should be there in the first place.
--The first man to fly and the first man to walk on the moon were alive at the same time. Neil Armstrong was 17 when Orville Wright died.
--Possible Rubik cube permutations: 43,252,003,274,489,856,000.
--Cleopatra lived closer in time to the moon landing than she did to the building of the Great Pyramids.
--If there are 23 people in a room, there's a 50% chance two of them share a birthday. edit: google "birthday paradox" for more information.
--Humans share 50% of their DNA with... banana.
--There was once a war between Honduras and El Salvador started by a soccer game.
--Your body is creating and killing 15 million red blood cells per second.
--When you get a kidney transplant, they usually just leave your original kidneys in your body.
--If you melted down the Eiffel Tower, the pool of iron would be less than 3 inches deep (in a square area the same dimensions as the tower base).
--An octopus has three hearts.
--Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia.
--The founder of, Gary Kremen, lost his girlfriend to a man she met on
--The last recorded living child of African American slaves died in 2011.
--There are more public libraries than McDonald’s in the US.
--Hippo milk is pink.
--New York City is further south than Rome, Italy.
--There is an immortal jellyfish. When old it reverts itself back into it's youngest stage and relives life over again
--If you're standing in Detroit and start walking south, the first country you will enter is...Canada.
--Mammoths were alive when the Great Pyramid was being built.
--The lighter the roast of coffee, the more caffeine it has.
--Alaska is the most northern, the most western, and the most eastern state in the U.S.
--Everybody expected the Spanish Inquisition. They gave a 30-40 days warning.