Sunday, October 05, 2008

The pitbull

I've managed to avoid political (and religious) comment for over two years on this blog, but Sarah Palin's comment linking Obama to terrorism, coupled with the very frightening prospect of her in the Presidency if anything happened to McCain, cannot go unmentioned. She has revealed, from under the cover of an aweshucks Hockeymum, to be the nasty piece of work that many who stood in her way before now have explained. Her ability to lose rational judgement when confronted with a massed group of supporters egging her comments on shows she couldn't manage the power that would fall into her lap as a VP or president.
Katy Couric has done a masterful job at teasing out Palin's naivete/ignorance, and I've loved the sport. Here's a clip of that, then what she said about Obama, and lastly what might be going on in her head during a debate.


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